FireGreen: Fire Retardant Impregnation for wood & wood based panels

FIREGREEN: Transparent, water & bio-based Nano solution, fire-retardant impregnation for wood and cellulose-based products such as MDF, Plywood, OSB panels, straws …reduces flame spread and maintains timber strength under fire conditions. It has been tested in accordance with the European Classification BS EN 13501-1:2002, EN 11925-2: 2002, achieving a rating of B/S1/d0 (equivalent to Class 0&1 to UK Building Regulations), and QCVN 06/2020-BXD.

Prevention of mould, rot, and insect infestation from all wood-boring insects, including termites.

The product is non-hygroscopic and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.


 Safe & environmentally friendly

 FREE Halogen, Bromine, Boron & PFAS

 Class 1 fireproofing standards (Class A) for wood

 Against termites, insects and biological damaging agents

Long-life effect: +10 years

 Do not change the color, odor & other characteristic of wood

 Low consumption


Clear liquid, odorless, colorless


Fireproofing treatment for interior and exterior wood such as houses, wooden doors, wooden rafters, MDF, Plywood, OSB boards, bamboo,…

The surface before applying must be dry and clean from dirt, dust, grease,…

Apply by brush, roller, spray or immersion.


  Spray or Paint: 80-150gram/m² 

  Soak: 120-180 gram/m²

Consumption depends on the permeability, dryness of the material.


2- 6 hours at + 25°C, moisture 65%. Completely drying within 24-36 hours


Canister 3-20 kg                        

HDPE drum 200 kg


12 months in a tightly closed container, at a temperature of +8 to 30°C in a cool place, away from direct sunlight